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Small business accounting

If you’re planning on growing your business, why not take a proactive approach? We’ll keep an eye on your business financials and performance so that you can make informed decisions to grow your business.

What To Expect From Mason Accounting

What to expect from Mason Accounting

Like most accountants, we’ll analyse your financial transactions, business reports and past performance, to offer financial projections and advice on future financial elements of your business.

But we do more than that. We proactively help you plan, speaking in plain English to make sure you understand the steps you need to take to take your business to the next level.

We won’t just crunch the numbers and hit you with a big bill at the end of the financial year. We see ourselves as your partner in business, giving you the tools and advice to manage your business. We see your success as our success.

Why You Should Have An Accountant

Why you should have an accountant

So you know what to expect from us, but what does that mean for you and your business?

Make tax time stress-free and straightforward
When it comes to filing your tax returns, we sweat the small stuff so that you don’t have to. Making sure that all the rebates and write-offs that you’re eligible for have been applied. Without doing the wrong thing. And as a busy tradesman or small business owner, it’s something you can delegate to save yourself hours in the office.

That’s right, having an accountant will save you money
Leaving you to focus on what you do best, we get on with what we do best – saving you money.

Trusted advice whenever you need it
As your accountant, we do more than just crunch the numbers. We actively guide you through the ins and outs of your business finances, helping with planning, executing strategies and giving business advice.

If you’re a tradesman or operate a small business having an accountant on board will save you a lot of time and money, while helping you grow your business.

Knowing When To Get An Accountant Is Half The Battle

Knowing when to get an accountant is half the battle

Knowing when you’re ready for an accountant can be a challenge. But there are a few triggers in business that can tell you it’s time to find someone you can trust.

Money is rolling in
When work is coming in thick and fast, it’s a great place to be. But before you put down your bank statement to celebrate, think about tax time.

If your margins have increased, it’s likely that you may have moved up a tax bracket. You don’t want your increased earnings to become a burden, leaving you with a tax bill you weren’t expecting. We’ll stay on top of your financials and advise you on strategies to make the most of your success.

Growth spurts
Growth is a huge part of any business, but it’s not always easy from a financial perspective. From taking on new employees, investing in new vehicles or tools and equipment, or a business premises, having planned for the growth and expenses that go with it will save you a lot of stress.

Going it alone
If you’re planning on launching a business or becoming a contractor, having an accountant on board from the get-go will give you a head start. We’ll help you with company formation, business planning advice, ATO requirements and so much more.

When spreadsheets are ruining your life
If you’re spending way too much time trying to wrangle your business finances through Excel spreadsheets, it’s probably time to pass it to someone who knows what they’re doing.

Tax debt snuck up on you?
No one likes tax time, but for tradies and small business owners, it can be a real nightmare. If you haven’t managed to stay on top of your tax contributions throughout the year, a hefty tax debt can creep up on you really quickly. Entrusting your business financials to an accountant can help you avoid a tax bill you simply can’t afford to pay.


A few kind words from our clients

Pavlinovich Bulk Transport have been using Mason Accounting for almost 10 years. We have always been pleased with their professionalism and dedication to achieving the best outcomes for our transport operations. Being engaged in work in remote areas, it is comforting to know that our company administration is in the capable hands of the team at Mason Accounting.

As a small business it has been difficult to get bookkeeping done that is very accurate and affordable. We’ve had experience with 3 or 4 different bookkeeping companies in our 12 year history and have switched to using Mason Accounting 8 years ago.

We are very happy with the way they manage our books and timely completion of BAS and Company tax obligations.

I would highly recommend their skills to anybody looking for bookkeeping and taxation services.

If you’re after an accountant that will go out of their way to assist you with all of your business related issues in a friendly, timely and very approachable manner then Mason accounting is for you.

Perry has consistently given us useful advice and guidance over the years. We find Perry’s honesty and his ability to explain what is required to be very comforting and reassuring.

We feel very fortunate to have Perry and his team of professionals acting on our behalf and would not hesitate in recommending Mason Accounting to anyone that is in need of an exceptionally dedicated accounting team!

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